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2017 Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival Saturday 28 October

Martindale-Brightwood’s One Voice will be having its 2017 Harvest Festival  on Saturday, October 28 at 37 Place, 2605 E. 25th Street from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., with support from Edna Martin Christian Center, IUPUI, Radio Next Internet Radio/TV and the Martindale-Brightwood  community. The event will be kicked-off with a parade from the intersection of […]


2017 Peace Festival Updates!

Circle Up Indy Pre-Festival Staff Service Day As the excitement built for the Youth Against Violence Peace Festival, Circle Up Indy staff and volunteers took time out to assist with the preparation, serving and cleanup at Hope Christian Community Center’s Wednesday  Luncheon. Located at 1970 Caroline Avenue, Hope Christian Community Center hosts a free lunch […]

Ed Fit

EdFit Supporting Community and Circle Up Indy

Circle Up Indy is excited to have had (EdFit) as a sponsor for 2017’s Youth Against Violence Peace Festival. Circle Up Indy prides itself on connecting the community to information, resources, and organizations like EdFit, which help fuel success and community growth. How is EdFit? “EdFit exists to ensure our most underserved students are afforded […]

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Who We Are

Circle Up Indy is a non-profit community-based business/organization serving Indianapolis, Indiana, and the surrounding counties. Circle Up Indy was established in 2014. Its founder, James C. Wilson, is a native of the Martindale-Brightwood, a notorious area on the east side of Indianapolis. Circle Up Indy is a business and community organization that focuses on economics, education, employment, mentoring, and health services for youth and families in the community. In the past, we served as a concierge of resources to the community with hopes of inspiring less violence and developing a stronger community.

In August 2014, Circle Up Indy hosted its first annual Peace Festival at James Russell Lowell IPS School 51. This inaugural event was a huge success, bringing over 1000 people from the community to support and learn about local businesses, youth and adult programs, educational services, and employment opportunities. Thanks to our key partners, sponsors, and supporters such as Community Hospital East, Fox 59 News, IPS, Indygo, Ivy Tech Community College, and the many other supporters for such a great event.

Circle Up Indy's focus is to continue to in inspire the community by further developing our Youth Employment Initiative which will assist with the development of a vigorous work ethic for our youth; experience, employment, professional development, and additional life skills. In addition to our Youth Employment Initiative Circle Up Indy is launching its Juvenile Nursing Program. The focus of the program is to promote healthy ways of life and to care for those who are chronically ill or disabled by a physical and/or mental challenge. Our partnership with the Edna Martin Christian Center allows us to promote vocational classes, GED/HSE courses, and the Culinary Arts program. Edna Martin Christian Center has been a huge supporter of Circle Up Indy and all of the organization's accomplishments.

Recently, Circle Up Indy and Bloom Project Inc. (Partnering Youth Mentoring Program) hosted a Youth Summit at Edna Martin Christian Center called "#Are You Mad or Nah?" With the cooperation of both organizations, Circle Up Indy and Bloom Project Inc. were able to bring law enforcement--including patrol officers, judges--to meet with youth from throughout the city. The goal of the event was to educate and understand the strife so many young black males face with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. The event was structured as a panel with a mixture of law enforcement and African American young men. Parents attended with their children and it was explosive how the youth engaged with law enforcement to express themselves as minorities in the community. The youth summit was featured on Fox 59, Channel 8, Channel 13, and the Late Amos Brown show. It was enlightening to all who attended, and it established some partnerships to assist with the misconception of our African American youth and urban community culture.

Our goal for the future is to be a strong force in the community by providing direct employment, and services for youth and young adults in the community year-round. It is our passion to tackle the economic disparities so many families face daily. By directly working for Circle Up Indy or our partnering businesses, and organizations youth in the communities will gain valuable soft skills that is a need for success in life. The organization is working towards scholarship opportunities for those who are inspired to seek higher education. No one organization can do it alone. We are looking to expand our partnerships and services to become an impactful force to the community.

What We Believe

We believe that everyone has an obligation to contribute to the growth and improvement of the community and areas that we are a part of.

We believe that individuals, communities, and humanity can live peaceably together by helping to enrich areas of economics, education, employment, health, and mentoring to inspire positive and effective growth in our city.

We believe that community service enhances all parties involved in the process, and to be successful we must acknowledge the intrinsic value of those being served.

We believe that many services and programs are underutilized because individuals are unaware of or otherwise unable to access these tools.

We believe that a vibrant and healthy community can only grow from innovative programs developed and delivered at the community level.

Mission Statement

Circle Up Indy seeks to improve the quality of life for all residents of Indianapolis by addressing issues of violence; by tackling the perpetual disparities of economics, education, and employment; in addition to mental and physical health concerns.

By linking the community with developing and existing resources, we look to provide an opportunity for community development at an accelerated pace.

By working with community leaders, programs and the individuals they serve we are able to identify best uses of resources, propose improvements, and identify unaddressed needs. We look to inspire others in the community with hope and opportunities they can take advantage of to develop and maintain alternate paths for success.

Our Team

Current Programs

Douglas Park

Community Organization Partnerships

Throughout the year Circle Up Indy proudly partners with local organizations of all sizes and types to provide a wide range of resources for the community. It is our goal and mission to build partnering relationships that will best serve the community. No one organization can do it alone it truly takes those key relationships to serve in a greater capacity.

Circle Up Heathservices

This pilot program provides in-home nursing for children ages 0-18. This program is currently on a referral only basis. The goal of the program is to educate the youth and their families on how to properly treat and care for the individual(s).

Circle Up Indy Youth Against Violence Peace Festival

As the founding initiative of Circle Up Indy, the Peace Festival provides a relaxed atmosphere for community service providers, educators, employers and others to meet with the community. By providing a family-safe environment with entertainment and prizes, community members are encouraged to discover programs, information, neighbors and community leaders. You can learn more about this year’s Youth Against Violence Peace Festival by clicking here.


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