Douglas Park

Circle Up Indy Peace Festival:  As the founding initiatives of Circle Up Indy, the Peace Festival looks to provide a relaxed atmosphere for community service providers, educators, employers and others to meet with the community. By providing a family-safe environment with entertainment and prizes, community members are encouraged to discover programs, information, neighbors and community leaders.

In-home Juvenile Nursing Program:  This pilot program provides in-home nursing for children ages 0-18. This program is currently on a referral only basis. The goal of the program is to educate the youth and their families on how to properly treat and care for the individual(s).

Community Organization Partnerships:  Throughout the year Circle Up Indy proudly partners with local organizations of all sizes and types to provide a wide range of resources for the community. It is our goal and mission to build partnering relationships that will best serve the community. No one organization can do it alone it truly takes those key relationships to serve in a greater capacity.