Do you love providing care and compassion to medically complex children?  Are you able to go into patients’ homes and be non-judgmental?  The qualified candidate will demonstrate an experience of administering loving care in the pediatric field and be comfortable in the various environments required while providing comprehensive care to a DCS family.

We are looking for qualified candidates who are comfortable with providing reassurance to medically complex children, their siblings and other family members while maintaining constant communication with all medical professionals in charge of the child’s case, maintaining detail-oriented records, and tending to the medical needs of the patient.


  • Provide nursing care under the supervision of RN according to the plan of care derived from physician’s orders and RN assessment.  Nursing Care includes physical care, emotional support, as well as patient and family education.
  • Recognize and report symptoms that indicate changes in the condition of the patient to the Case Manager.
  • Provide nursing care and services in accordance with Circle Up Health Service patient care policies and general medical standards.
  • Assist the physician and/or RN in the performance of specific procedures required by the patient and at an appropriate level for the LPN.
  • Adhere to strict aseptic technique when performing treatments requiring its use.
  • Provide patient guardians with the knowledge and assistance to learn appropriate care techniques.
  • Accurately record patient condition in the Nurses notes.
  • Observe, record and report to the appropriate professional any symptoms, reaction and changes including:
    • General physical and mental condition of patients, and signs and symptoms which may be indicative of untoward changes; and
    • stresses in human relationships between patients, between patients and personnel, and between patients and their families and visitors.
  • Perform selected nursing procedures such as, but not limited to:
    • Administration of medications and treatments prescribed by the physician: and
    • preparation and care of patients receiving specialized treatments administered by the physician or the professional nurse.
  • Assist with the rehabilitation of patients according to the medical care plan by being aware of and encouraging the interests and special aptitudes of patients and their guardians.
  • Promote cooperative effort among personnel by understanding the functions of other persons involved in patient care and  by active participation in team and staff conferences when appropriate.
  • Administer medications and treatments that are assigned by RN and/or Nursing Supervisor listed on the plan of care, and record these with accuracy and completeness.
  • Participate in staff in-service programs, continuing education and mandatory Circle Up Health Services staff meetings.
  • Participate in regular performance evaluations with Case Manager.
  • Understand human relationships between and among patients and personnel, patients and families, families and personnel; recognize and understand cultural backgrounds and spiritual needs, respecting the religious beliefs of individual patients.
  • Abide by administrative policies regarding nursing coverage and responsibilities, scheduling availability, and provide support to the Nursing Department as deemed appropriate.
  • When necessary, work on additional projects within scope of knowledge, as requested by Case Manager/Clinical Care Supervisor.


  • Able to work independently and make effective decisions confidently.
  • Able to identify hindrances to creating a safe and effective environment for the child and report immediate concerns to direct supervisor.
  • Able to provide detail oriented case notes for every visit.
  • Able to demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must have demonstrated record of punctuality and dependability.
  • Must be able to pass a stringent background check and submit to a drug screen.
  • Must be a licensed and insured driver.