2017 Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival Saturday 28 October

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2017 Harvest Festival Flyer

Martindale-Brightwood’s One Voice will be having its 2017 Harvest Festival  on Saturday, October 28 at 37 Place, 2605 E. 25th Street from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., with support from Edna Martin Christian Center, IUPUI, Radio Next Internet Radio/TV and the Martindale-Brightwood  community. The event will be kicked-off with a parade from the intersection of 25th and Andrew J. Brown streets beginning at 10 a.m. Participants should arrive at 9:30 a.m. If your organization would like to participate in the parade, you can register on the morning of the event.

This “Neighborhood Engagement Weekend Event for the whole family” gives you the opportunity to get out with the family and be a part of community activities designed to educate, enrich and entertain. Music, food, community resources, health information and free blood pressure and sugar level testing are just some of the activities you will find at this family friendly event!





The fun will keep rolling as WE H.Y.P.2E. hosts a Happy HYP2E-O-WEEN Party at the same location (37 Place, 2605 E. 25th Street) from 6 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Bring the family out for best costume prizes, an in-costume dance contest, games, candy, food, and FUN for everyone!

Circle Up Indy volunteers and staff will be on hand to assist these organizations who are committed to improving the community. We encourage everyone to get the kids and come out to make some new friends, learn about what’s being done to improve your community, and enjoy the fun!

Ed Fit

EdFit Supporting Community and Circle Up Indy

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Circle Up Indy is excited to have had (EdFit) as a sponsor for 2017’s Youth Against Violence Peace Festival. Circle Up Indy prides itself on connecting the community to information, resources, and organizations like EdFit, which help fuel success and community growth.

How is EdFit?


“EdFit exists to ensure our most underserved students are afforded the tools necessary to fulfill their promise and become productive members of our community.

EdFit serves as a premier education liaison and comprehensive resource supporting education, equality, and diversity for leaders, parents and the community.  We educate and empower parents on the quality school selection process.  Our modern model strategically assesses learning styles to align with the K-12 curriculum and delivery methods.  Parent Advocate Representatives and education experts are utilized to create a successful laser approach to parent choice.”

EdFit was at Circle Up Indy’s 2017 Peace Festival sharing information with the community.

EdFit was at the Peace Festival with more information about their services and programs. We encourage everyone to learn more about this innovative organization. You can check out their Facebook page by clicking here.

2017 Peace Festival

2017 Youth Against Violence Peace Festival Set for June 24

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2014 Youth Against Violence peace Festival
2014 Youth Against Violence peace Festival

Circle Up Indy is proud to announce that planning is underway for the 2017 Youth Against Violence Peace Festival. The event is slated for Saturday June 24, 2017 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Indianapolis Public School’s  James Russell Lowell School #51 (3426 Roosevelt Avenue, Indianapolis). In the weeks ahead, look for announcements about sponsors, participants, activities and other detailed information about this year’s event as all the pieces are put in place.

If you missed our past Peace Festivals, you don’t want to miss this year’s! As in the past, the event will focus on connecting people and families with resources, companies, and organizations in order to help strengthen the community. Meeting face to face in the neighborhood is your opportunity to find out what resources are available, and give feedback to the people delivering these resources. You will see firsthand the efforts that are being made to improve Health, Education, Employment, Mentoring and other key areas of concern to reduce violence and crime in Indianapolis. By giving individuals and families the tools they need to succeed, these organizations are making a real difference in people’s lives.
Show support for the community, show support for the efforts to reduce crime and violence, connect with resources, have a fun afternoon with the family, and enjoy music, food, drinks, prizes, giveaways,  and positive people! There are so many reasons to stop by and be a part of the event!

On Stage 2015 Youth Against Violence peace Festival
On Stage 2015 Youth Against Violence peace Festival

Get all the latest details! You can stay up to date on Circle Up Indy’s 2017 Youth Against Violence Peace Festival and other news by signing up for email alerts whenever a new story is posted on our website; you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest; or subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

2017 Peace Festival Info
2017 Peace Festival Info
2017 Peace Festival Info Spanish
2017 Peace Festival Info Spanish

WeH.Y.P2.E. (We Help You People & Parents Excel)

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Indianapolis continues to change and grow; the need for community organizations to help our community address issues that come along with those changes is also growing. In an effort to continue to connect people with resources in the community, and encourage the development of these resources, Circle Up Indy has featured community organizations and events on its Facebook page and on this website, including Community Health Network, The Edna Martin Christian CenterThe Bloom Project, Mission 29:18, and others.

WeH.Y.P2.E. (We Help You People & Parents Excel) is a growing non-profit organization which seeks “[t]o coach and equip young adults with the essential skills to survive, adapt, overcome obstacles and challenges; as well as exceed beyond their circumstances and limitations.”  Check out their website by clicking here.

A Message To Young Men In Our Community

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Today’s World: Who Are We Really?

James Wilson, a native of Marindale-Brightwood, on Indianapolis’ east side, is CEO of Circle Up Indy. This article was originally published by OportunIndy.
James Wilson

The air felt warm as it breezed through the city’s streets. I will never forget that day. My family was in the front yard having a barbeque. The music was playing and the kids were on different sides of the street playing curb ball. (For those who don’t know what curb ball is, that’s when you are on opposite sides of the street, throwing the ball back and forth trying to hit the other team’s curb to score points. All while yelling and cheering one another on. It’s a very popular game in our neighborhoods). The day seemed so timeless and everyone was truly enjoying themselves.
We did not have to hide in our houses nor be afraid to go on the porch due to fights and gun fire on the street.

The tide has changed over the years. We no longer have an identity. Somehow--along the way--it’s become a norm in our community not to know oneself and to have little or no care for our neighbors, community, or one another.

I am constantly asked: “Why do these young people kill one another? What can we do to help them?”

Some may not agree with what I am about to say, but the reality is that we can’t do anything for them if they don’t know themselves. Ok, confused? Let me explain.
We, as a people, are losing ourselves to the glamour of today’s world and no longer realize what is reality and what is fantasy. My peers are left without fathers and mothers who are either working hard and long hours as single parents unable to attend to them on a constant basis (even though they really want to), OR with parents who are on drugs who have left them to fend for themselves and get consumed by the thing called the streets.

I know right--shocking reality! Still, despite the fact that we all know this, we — as a people — continue to be seduced by this glamour, therefore, constantly forgetting about who we are and where we come from as a community and nation. We just accept our circumstance and walk toward the glamour. Is it easier to just do that than to be something different?
Our young Black men no longer value the sacrifices so many before us made to have the freedoms of today. In fact, we simply don’t care. We are tied up trying to prove our worth to the streets —seeking comfort from the streets because of the insecurities our world has instilled in us. We fail to know our worth and true leadership. We fail to jump on the band wagon--for ourselves or for our children. We aren’t realizing we and they can do better and become greater than our environment.

We circle back to the point about knowing who we are. We say we know who we are. We defend it. This is our choice. We tell people we do know, but again I pose the question: Do we truly know who we are or are we just faking at it?

How many of you remember when Mama use to tell us to be in the house before the street lights came on? At the first site of the sun going down, we were running our butts off to get back to the house so Mama didn’t come out and embarrass us in front of our girls and friends! That was not the time to be cool, but to get home ASAP.

Respect for things like that is no longer there, but is replaced by anger and much more. Do we really know who we are? Is this who we are?

Find yourself, grow into something more than where you’re from. Grow into who you are. Grow into a young man or woman! Know who you are as a person and community. Love one another even if it kills you to do so. We each have to take responsibility for ourselves – in a different way than we are doing now.

What many of our young Black men see as being responsible and knowing who they are and what they want is just being angry, disrespectful and careless to ourselves, our neighbors and our community. We have many reasons for being where we are, but we have a choice about who we become.

If we don’t stand for something good and decent, we will continue to fall for anything!


You can read OportunIndy's original article here.

Community and Police in Partnership Against Crime, Indianapolis City-County Councilor Zach Adamson and Circle Up Indy Host Douglas Park Backpack Event

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On Monday August 22nd, at Douglas Park it was all about serving the community as the focus was on nonviolence and building a stronger union with one another. Community and Police in Partnership Against Crime, Indianapolis City-County Council Vice President Zach Adamson, and Circle Up Indy held an event to give backpacks and school supplies to children, and show community solidarity in the fight against violence in our streets. City-County Councilor Adamson and Circle Up Indy's James Wilson provided photos of the event, others were submitted by community members.

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You Mad Or Nah

#AreYouMadorNah Youth Summit Puts Youth Voices at the Center

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Hosted by Bloom Project Inc., Circle Up Indy, and Edna Martin Christian Center

In light of recent national and local events surrounding community and police relationships, racial profiling, excessive use of force, and lack of cultural competency, there has been a lack of youth representation in this discussion. Bloom Project, Inc., Circle Up Indy, and Edna Martin Christian Center presents the #AreYouMadorNah Youth Summit to give young people the platform and opportunity to express their frustrations in a structured dialogue with members of IMPD, community members, and peers. The desired outcomes of this summit would be action steps to rebuild the relationship between the youth population and the police department and to continue dialogue within the youth community on peer education and understanding their rights.

This summit will be an interactive event, with members of the panel engaging with members of the audience and responding to questions from a moderator. The panel will consist of 6 youth males from various schools and organizations and 4 adults from the community.

Saturday, January 10, 2015, 1:00-3:00 PM

Edna Martin Christian Center, 37 Place, 2605 E. 25th Street, Indianapolis, IN

Join the Facebook Event

Circle Up Indy’s rejuvenates and empowers communities of Indianapolis by inspiring relationships, motivational mentoring, and encouraging education and connections.  We hope to be a “concierge of resources” linking resources with those who need them.

Bloom Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides mentoring, service projects, college preparation, character building, and career exploration opportunities. The career focused organization prepares young men, 12-18 years of age for secondary education and increase knowledge in their career paths.